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73rd New York Volunteer Infantry

Our namesake in the American Civil War was a regimental unit of the “Excelsior Brigade” of Daniel Sickle’s Third Corps, Second Brigade, Second Division of the Army of the Potomac. 


The 73rd NY regiment was predominantly comprised of Firemen from Staten Island, NY.  They were known as the “Second Fire Zouaves” and the “Fourth Excelsior Regiment”.  The unit participated in all major campaigns from Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and Appomattox Courthouse. The 73rd NY mustered into service in May 1861 and mustered out in June 1865.  
The 73rd NY became a member of the N-SSA in 1968 and won the National Musket competition in 1974. Members of the team today reside from Staten Island, Long Island, Upstate NY, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. One member resides now in Colorado. The unit is currently commanded by the “legendary” Harry Anagnostis, who has lead the team the past forty years.

For more information on the 73rd NY, please contact:

Mark W. Farrell, Adjutant

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